Here’s a shocker! Manhattan Has More Apartments Than Renters!

New apartment buildings and condo owner who are renting their units, has pushed the supply of Manhattan apartments to record highs.  As a result landlords are chasing tenants, not something you typically think of in the NY market.

Bloomberg News suggests prices may fall before winter….

Crescent Communities Bringing Adding 1900 New Apartments To Charlotte NC

“With Monday’s announcement of a new, luxury apartment building at Atherton Mill, Charlotte-based Crescent Communities brought the number of new apartments it’s building in Charlotte to almost 1,900.”

Dallas Apartment Boom Struggles To Keep Up With Demand

More people are moving to Dallas than ever before, including young professionals and empty nesters.  Dallas is becoming even more attractive with the investment in Trinity Park, said to be 11 times bigger than Central Park in New York.

Dallas Apartment Building Spree